Reasons to make Zurich your accommodation of choice

Zurich represents the largest city in Switzerland. It is without a doubt one of the great tourist destinations in Europe. The city is well connected with a mixed hub of railways, roads and air traffic interconnecting the city to the rest of the world. Also by virtue of its location in Switzerland and its status as a capital city, it represents an important financial and commercial destination, thereby keeping it busy throughout the year. When looking for hotels near Zurich, one should look no further than the Comfort Inn Royal, a city hotel Zurich where comfort and reason merge to give travelers pocket friendly accommodation rates.

Location and Accessibility

Comfort Inn Royal is located close to the airport and is easily accessible by road and train networks. The comfort city hotel Zurich offers transportation to and from the airport for guests via a shuttle bus service which can be charged directly to the patron's bill for ease of service and also to ease the pressure from guests during check in and check out times. Location is one important factor and this becomes apparent when regarding how many people choose these hotels over others which are located far from the city center.


Considered a contender for best hotel in Zurich, Comfort Inn Royal offers services that not comparable to any other in Zurich and also among hotels nears Zurich. It is known for a well trained working staff that offers nothing but the best to the patrons which are always eager and show open willingness to attend to a guest's needs. Rooms offered are well air-conditioned and rates offered include a free champagne-breakfast-buffet service. When it comes to finding budget accommodation Zurich, the Comfort Inn Royal is a good choice when looking at city accommodations in hotels near Zurich. Rooms are well connected with high-speed LAN connection and wireless LAN connectivity which ensures that one is always well connected with the rest of the world from the comfort of their own hotel beds. Rooms are designed for convenience as their core objective with the standard and size corresponding to the stipulated room rate depending on one's needs which may range from the compact single rooms to the whimsical partner rooms. The hotel offers a friendly atmosphere which most importantly is clean and at the same time functional, thus meeting customer comfort standards. Early breakfast is available for those with early schedules, ensuring that nobody misses breakfast show the management's commitment to deliver customer satisfaction to patrons of all kinds ranging from business to leisure tourists.

Cost of accommodation

When on a tour of Switzerland and Zurich is on your list, be sure to plan well and work within your budget. You will not miss out on affordable accommodation facility which offers same convenience and comfort. Hotels near Zurich are a good choice for those visiting arreas that are further away from the busy commercial town. So if you miss a place in hotel Zurich, rest assured that there are more affordable locations waiting for you. There are also discounts and offers that the hotel will provide for regulars or new customers, all of them to your advantage. Wether you decide to live in city hotel Zurich or your decide on picking accommodation anywhere else, price will by no chance substitute quality of the service or compromise facility where you will be hosted.

Why choose Zurich Hotels

When looking for best hotel in Zurich, you definitely want to get value for your money and not compromise the comfort. Therefore, you have to know that hotel Zurich will offer a number of services and discounted offers that are tailored to meet your needs accordingly. Accommodation Zurich facilities have exhibited high standards to customer satisfaction and this is a major reason why they are ranked as best hotel in Zurich. There you have it. Next time, you are looking for accommodation; make educated and informed decisions on where and how you wish to spend your night or day and for how much.